February 19, 2009

February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I am having so much fun playing dress up with our little girl. She is the perfect Valentine's Day present since I'm used to being in a house with guys it's such a treat enjoying girly stuff now. I see more pink, hearts and flowers in my future :-)

February 13, 2009

A break from the rain

We have been getting tons of much needed rain in Southern California. There was a break in the clouds with beautiful sunshine so we quickly went for a walk to the park before the soaking began again. Sara had her first try at the swings in the park - she seemed to enjoy it. Her Daddy likes to introduce her to everything on our walks (flowers, trees, people, dogs, swings etc...) It's fun to watch a Father and Daughter interact - priceless!!

February 12, 2009

Just a splash of red...

I always go overboard decorating the dining room table for the holidays and we never have any open space to put the food (isn't that why we have sideboards?) So this Feb after finally putting away the Christmas decorations I decided to leave just a splash of red for Valentine's Day.

February 10, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

When Sara turned 4 months old on Jan 22nd - I decided it was time to try solid foods. I was also hoping it would help her go back to the 7 hours of sleep at night that seems to be a thing of the past. I bought a great book on making your own baby food and so the fun began. I make large batches and then freeze it in ice cube trays. Sara loves it.

Sara is really enjoying her toys now - each day is a whole new adventure and we are enjoying every minute of it.

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