August 20, 2012

Joey's 1st Birthday

 The temp outside was in the 90's so the pool was everyone's favorite spot.

Minutes after enjoying his Birthday cake Joey broke out in hives all over his body and had difficulty we rushed him to the Emergency Room.  After some allergy medicine he was much better so we headed home. It was a long night of him getting sick but he recovered by the next morning. That was one Birthday we will never forget. We think it was the blue dye in the icing.

Summer 2012

 Sara and the Toddler Connection teachers

 Racing in the living room

 Cuddling with Grandma Kathy

 Sara loves her Balance Bike

 Sara's Sunflower in the garden

 Reading with Grandma Klara (aka Nagymama)



 Loving the wide carts at Costco :)

 My little artist

 Relaxing days of Summer...

 Ballet Recital time...

Grandma Klara (Nagymama) and all of her grandchildren - Final Score: Girls 3 - Boys 1

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