September 22, 2011

My Baby Girl Turns 3

Happy 3rd Birthday Sara

This year we skipped the big party and just went to Wild Rivers Water Park with family and had cake and presents at home afterwards. So much fun!!!

I had too much fun making Sara's Birthday Cake. It's just an angel food cake but I went a little crazy with the icing :)


once in a blue moon said...

she truly is a little princess, every shot is adorable. hope you are doing well with both babes~

La Table De Nana said...

she is GORGEOUS..the cake is too..the girls:).. the Cinderella carriage(Ia would love one:) )

happy Birthday to your darling 3 yr old..such great pics..Noah is 3 now too:)

It's a perfect match..
Anyways..I have 4 for her.

Mimi said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I love how you dressed up her angle food cake.

Carolyn said...

Your daughter is just so cute- I love those curls!
Joey is also beautiful-great pics!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers for Lucas-I agree the more the better.

Take care and enjoy your beautiful little ones.


Carolyn said...

I forgot to say how lovely the cake was-great job on the icing!


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