August 20, 2012

Summer 2012

 Sara and the Toddler Connection teachers

 Racing in the living room

 Cuddling with Grandma Kathy

 Sara loves her Balance Bike

 Sara's Sunflower in the garden

 Reading with Grandma Klara (aka Nagymama)



 Loving the wide carts at Costco :)

 My little artist

 Relaxing days of Summer...

 Ballet Recital time...

Grandma Klara (Nagymama) and all of her grandchildren - Final Score: Girls 3 - Boys 1

1 comment:

La Table De Nana said...

It's been such a long time..I am delighted to see your little ones..My daughters are like you:) But w/ boys:)

The children ALL have gorgeous eyes..

Yours I have seen since birth:) It amazes me how they change..Sarah not as much of course..Her ballet pics make me smile..:) Well they all do..who wouldn't smile looking at these beautiful faces..Nana u are lovely too!The lovely older girls must just love being with you all.

Sarah's sunflower looks like mine..But of course I love hers more.

Her dress-up pic w/ the tiara?

A card!

Happy you let us visit.:) Gorgeous happy kids!

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