June 4, 2011

Sara Spring 2011


La Table De Nana said...

Every day must be a jo for you..She is so cute..so so so cute..the ballerina and the pigtails :) All the photos are priceless..

Have you made a Shutterfly book of her?

You look wonderful too..
Happiness Always to you and yours~

Evi said...

Thanks Monique. Her baby book is about 1.5 years behind but I do have a few Shutterfly books of her (much easier) :) Now I'll just have to try and keep it up for our son when he gets here in Aug. This post was a random selection of pics to get caught up - glad you enjoyed it.

once in a blue moon said...

each shot get cuter and cuter and CUTER! its so fun to see her gorw and feel all your joy.

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