July 15, 2011

Summer Fun

First time on the Ferris Wheel

 Bike riding in Ventura

 Gardening with Mommy

 Sara made her own baby cherry pie.

 Bubbles with Pappa Gunnar


Pamela Gordon said...

What an adorable litte darling Sara is. She is growing so fast. These are great pictures. Enjoy the summer! Blessings, Pamela

La Table De Nana said...

The music came on as she was standing in front of her easel..Priceless!!!

once in a blue moon said...

you just take the best pics, she is truly a jewel~ gosh you are getting ready for number 2 in just weeks, hope you are doing well, excited for your family to grow for you!

once in a blue moon said...

just waving hi before the big day!

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