January 29, 2013

Fall 2012

 Excited for preschool

Joey licking the brick wall..?? Boys :) 

He is ready to drive :) 

At age 4 she still loves her naps (3 hrs each day) :) 

 Santa Barbara Weekend

Tea Time :) 

Climbing a tree with her cousin William 

Grandpa always has yummy snacks... 

Eating some seaweed - he actually liked it. 

Sara left Teddy at Grandma's house - she was very happy for priority mail :) 

 Joey loves to climb in with all the pots and pans.
Found a small puddle to jump in with her rain boots :)

Visit with Grandma Agnes :) 

Joey loves giving Sara kisses...video.

1 comment:

La Table De Nana said...

I loved these Evi..the grocery cart:)

She's so Shirley Temple ish:) Love her and Joey is a gorgeous boy too..

She's a nana? Oy..Beauty!

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