January 29, 2013

Sara's Butterfly 4th Birthday Party (Sept 2012)

Butterfly Birthday Party
Sept 2012


La Table De Nana said...

Oh mommy:) How sweet..you're such a good mom Evi..She is just getting cuter and cuter.. :) Is that her big sister? Or cousin I forget? I know she has big brothers..
Noah turned 4 July 4th..:) Max..5..Oli 3..Lucas 7..
Time flies..

La Table De Nana said...

PS BEAUTIFUL family header:)

Evi said...

Thanks M :) That is her cousin she came dressed as a butterfly for the party :) It takes me forever to post pics to the blog these days...good kind of busy though chasing little ones :) Hugs to you and all the grand babies.

madwoman450 said...
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madwoman450 said...

Those cupcakes are cute! I see the pretzels, what else did you use to make the butterfly?

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